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10 thoughts on “Briars Ward

  1. Analyser October 16, 2012 at 11:39 pm Reply

    Interesting read in today’s Mornington News. My analysis of candidates is pretty accurate based on what is reported in the paper. One must ask what involvement has the developer community in this? As Mrs. Emu says on page 16, there is a rat or two among the Briars candidates. Interesting to see that Leigh Eustace placed an advert in the same paper with revised preferences. The fact that there is a change with someone going from high to near bottom of his preference list backs the theory of Mrs. Emu. I suspect not a good rat though. I watch with interest how this pans out in coming weeks. This beats a boring un-opposed ward no contest affair as has been with recent elections. Nothing like a bit of intrigue to full the day.

  2. Candidate for Briarsward October 16, 2012 at 8:45 pm Reply

    With two local developer multi-millionaires backing her re-election campaign, and endorsement by the Liberal Party, (but sensibly not the Under-secretary of State for local Government), one wonders why the power-play to keep this councillor in office? Some people, not unreasonably, might think that a symbiotic relationship could have existed, and might exist into the future, should Clr. Anne Shaw be re-elected. Of course it would only be those Ratepayers that have any interest in local affairs, or the Local government Inspectorate that might think that way, the rest of us apathetic compulsory voters would just accept it.

  3. Analyser October 15, 2012 at 12:42 pm Reply

    BRIARS Ward Candidate Analysis :

    After a couple of weeks of the election process it has been interesting to see who is trying and who is not, who is getting out there talking to the people and who is not. Having had available the candidate statements and preferences to review and looking at various websites and newspapers, I offer these comments on my take on what’s going on :

    In Ballot Paper order :

    Woodman, John :
    Owner and Director of Watsons which offers planning and surveying services which relies on development to make money. A busy man who did not provide any contact details on his VEC nomination. I wonder how he expects to perform the job of councillor. Doing nothing to promote his campaign and have to question whether he is just a running mate for Anne Shaw.

    Southall, Terry :
    Has run several times in Mt Eliza (2008) and Truemans (2010). Seems bitter with council and appears to be doing nothing to promote his campaign. Don’t know where he is coming from.
    Colomb, Bev :
    Current councillor for Mornington ward since 2005. Out on the campaign trial and undertaking her campaign on a shoe string budget with brochures being distributed. Well liked and a fair representative on council is the general feedback. Swapped second preference with Leigh Eustace and placed Anne Shaw at number 8 on preference list. There’s more to this than we all know about.

    Ashdown, Wayne :
    A serial campaigner who has previously ran in Mt Eliza (2000), Mt Martha (2005), and Mt Eliza (2008). Appears to be doing nothing to promote his campaign. Appears well intentioned school teacher with links to youth boxing.

    Taylor, Matt :
    A 23 year old who did not provide a phone number with his VEC nomination and relying on email and a web page. Ran in 2009 State Election as an independent for Mornington against David Morris MP. Has not been seen on out campaigning and is currently an employee of City of Kingston Council.

    Shaw, Anne :
    Current ward councillor for Mt Martha since 2003. Would assume as a Liberal party backer with her campaign manger being her brother who is the Chairman of the Nepean Liberal Party Branch and endorsements from Federal members Greg Hunt and Bruce Billson. Interestingly no endorsement from Mornington state MP David Morris. Not hard to notice that other 2 current councillors have not preferenced her high in their preference lists. There is more to this than meets the eye. Appears to have some good preferences with several running mates. Campaigning strongly with a large number of signs and Auspost brochure delivery throughout the new larger ward. Not seen out on the street campaigning.

    Stanley, Michael Frazer :
    Ran for Mt Martha ward in 2003 giving preferences to Anne Shaw. Major issue is a secondary school in Mt Martha which is not under direct council jurisdiction. Word is that he has duped several candidates during preference discussions. Review of his preferences does support this theory with several candidates giving him high preferences and he giving much lower preferences. Doing nothing on the campaign trail and would appear as a running mate for Anne Shaw as he did in 2003.

    Dixon, Andrew :
    Young 24 year old student whose work experience has been working at a local service station. Appears to b doing nothing on the campaign trail and is promoting transport as his major issue. Have a web forum and appears a little misinformed. Appears to be a likable person. Wonder if voters would trust the role of councillor to such an inexperienced person.

    Lambert, Roger :
    Previously ran in Cerberus ward (2008) and Truemans (2010) where he ran second to Antonella Celi. A consistent council watcher and involved with the Mornington Peninsula ratepayers group. Has preferenced Michael Stanley 2nd and would suspect has been duped or mislead. Has a website which has some interesting points on Anne Shaw and could be why Anne Shaw has not been preferenced well from the other 2 sitting councillors.

    Eustace, Leigh :
    Current ward councillor for Mt Eliza and has been no doubt the most active councillor during the past 4 years. Seems to get things done judging by the works occurring in Mt Eliza. Built the controversial skate park. Campaigning includes signage and brochure delivery throughout the new ward. Has been actively on the streets campaigning and has been seen in Mt Eliza, Mornington and Mt Martha. Appears to have poor preferences which I have mentioned previously and would appear to have been mislead. Interestingly has preferenced Anne Shaw at the bottom of his preference list whilst has exchanged 2nd preference with Bev Colomb.

    McAlpine, Richard :
    An unknown who appears to offer little. Doing nothing on the campaign trail. Hard to understand why he has actually nominated as his preferences don’t indicate favoritism to any particular candidate although has preferenced Leigh Eustace at 11 which is surprising.

  4. Joe October 12, 2012 at 7:59 am Reply

    Mr per.
    Accuracy please.. $44m for SPA.. Where did you get that number hasn’t even had a site chosen so far.. No design,no spec,it’s just a proposal that needs to be finalized. How much did Frankston council get in grants from the state and federal govt..? You anti-spa people are so backward in your thinking… The community would love it, will pay for it and will use it.. You are the vocal minority.. Not the community
    Joe lenzo acts the fool all of the time, revels in the Attention he gets, and you the vocal minority (about 20 of you), yes that’s all 20 are trying hijack the council the community and the future for our kids and grandkids on the peninsula.
    Joe get a life….

    • unelection2012 October 12, 2012 at 4:33 pm Reply

      Reade this, as usual you are using the DAVID Gibb terror tactics that we are against the pool. not true at all… he fails to say that there are a lot of people against the location only. see my comments in leader with my cute picture.

      no site,,, r u an idiot? if you believe this then you are asleep at the switch and do not have calculus what is going on. are you even aware of the council resolutions or just a twitt?

      the 44 million is only a low ball estimate if you include all the costs that Councillor David Gibb OAPP: Hopefully No Ward and Herr Doktor Michael Kennedy; DBA, OAM, CEO, “Principal Servant, Practitioner, Expert on Everything and Doctoral Researcher”: Mornington Peninsula (and his sycophants) have conveniently left off the table.

      like the 10 million after the geo tech survey that Herr Doktor Michael Kennedy; DBA, OAM, CEO, “Principal Servant, Practitioner, Expert on Everything and Doctoral Researcher”: Mornington Peninsula, and Councillor David Gibb OAPP: Hopefully No Ward tried to stop as a council resolution.

      even the collusion of Mr. Noel Buck: Manager Governance & Corporate Support, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Herr Doktor Michael Kennedy; DBA, OAM, CEO, “Principal Servant, Practitioner, Expert on Everything and Doctoral Researcher”: Mornington Peninsula, and Councillor Frank Martin: Mayor, Hopefully NoWard could not stop the motion no matter how hard they tried. actually now that we record council meetings it is a recorded fact!!!!!!!!!

      got my life and enjoying it emensly

  5. Roger Lambert October 8, 2012 at 11:57 am Reply

    I was directed to look at this website when i asked a fellow candidate who you were!1
    Yes I’m standing for council!
    My home made website is:-
    you will get a flavour of my views from this.
    Basically i’m not in favour of the Shire council forcing things down Ratepayers throats.
    Any scheme needs a 67% backing by affected Ratepayers & is affordable..
    Also wasting Ratepayer funds.
    As I had a little to do with the VEC electoral Review I have developed some knowledge of the Proprtional Representation (PR) voting system.
    Due to this I, and a few others view that the worst performing councillor is Anne Shaw.
    The fact is that with the introduction of the PR system past results show it is rare to be able to unseat more than 1 sitting councillor if all 3 stand.
    That is why I have arranged my preferences as I have.
    It was upset by one Michael Frazer swapping camps to Anne Shaw without telling me Leigh or anyone except Anne.
    you can read more about my intentions if elected in the VEC paperwork & website.
    Please contact me on my election e-mail:-
    Or call 0466 314 513 & have a chat.

  6. Per Carlsen October 7, 2012 at 1:55 pm Reply

    You will receive the voting package within the next week or so.

    Voting in the local election is a chore for a lot of people. Most of us do not know, nor are we really interested in knowing, the local Councillors.

    We have therefore allowed them to administer our rates as they see fit. This has resulted in Mornington Shire being in debt to the tune of $37.9 Million!

    It has also resulted in Mornington Shire having a non-funded superannuation liability of $11 Million!

    This as they are about to embark on spending another $44 Million on the aquatic center!

    It is easy for them, because they can just increase the rates, as they see fit.

    Similarly, they just reappointed the CEO without bothering to advertise the job.

    I therefore think time has come to replace them all with a new set of Councillors.

    I strongly suggest we all vote for candidates who does not show any of the sitting Councillors as any of their first three preferences.

    I furthermore suggest that we put the sitting Councillors as the last three on the ballot.
    I have put the following questions to the sitting Briars Ward Councillors

    Growing Our Community does not intend to field any candidate for the local election.

    We have instead decided to canvas the position of the different candidates to establish how we will recommend our members to vote.

    We would therefore like to put a few questions to you.

    1. Do you still have confidence in the advice you receive from the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council planning department?

    2 How do you intend to ensure information used by the planning department, related to new developments and initiatives, in the future, is accurate and based on facts only?

    3 Will you be prepared to discuss local issues, especially local planning issues, with GOC prior to any vote in Council?

    4 Public consultation on the proposed new planning zones included feed back from approx 1000 Peninsula residents.
    Cowley is using feed-back from these residents(mainly minority resident action groups) to support his justification in not supporting the government.
    Are the views of 0.6% of residents a fair representation?

    5 What zoning for Woodlands will you support? Low change, Some Change or Substantial Change? We are very keen to know your position on this.

    6 Will you be pushing for the Independent Panel recommendation(s) regarding C162 to be adopted by Council?

    7 The mayor has stated that council will recover the large shortfall in their superannuation commitment by cost reductions from doing things smarter.
    Are you aware of how this shortfall has arisen?
    For example, is this a result of a defined benefits pension plan policy by Council. If so what actions have been put in place to remove this outmoded and unsustainable plan from the Council pension plan system?
    By the way, was it smart for council to pay approx $50,000 for a consultant to present their case re C162 when they have 2 experienced town planners on the payroll?

    8 What are your views on Councils embarrassing admission to the panel that the numbers Cowley used in the C162 Explanatory report were wrong.
    Are you confident that Cowley has not made similar mistakes in his latest submission to council re zoning??

    9 Are you committed to transparency from Council regarding accurate reporting of costs related to council activities, before, during and after initiatives?

    10 Will you accept that the display of the final amendment’s to C162 just prior to the independent panel were displayed too late to allow responses to the Independent Panel.
    That being accepted, will you support the proposal that the process was in breach of the planning legislation rules and should be abandoned?

    11 Please confirm if you will be standing for council?

    Per Carlsen

    Mr. Leigh Eustace responded as follows on 21 September:

    Hi Per,

    I have not got around to responding to your questions as yet. This week has been fairly busy for me with lots on before Council enters caretaker period.
    I am also not prepared to rush in with responses to your significant questions.

    I can confirm that I am re-nominating for the new Briars ward and also prepared as I have always been to meet with your members.

    I will compile a response to your other questions in the next couple of days.


    I have not heard anything more since then.

    Ms Anne Shaw responded as follows on 26 September:

    hi Per
    Yes I am standing for council
    what I would like to do is come and have a coffee with you to discuss the issues you raise
    Best regards

    I suggested a time and place; however, she has not yet responded.

    Ms. Bev Colomb did not respond as of this date.

    • unelection2012 October 7, 2012 at 2:59 pm Reply

      Thanks for that and i have posted. And without comment. I let it stand on its own. great stuff.

      Mary Gentile, Director of the Giving Voice to Values curriculum at Babson College has written a book, Giving Voice To Values: How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right and i applaud you for having the guts to stand behind what you say without a bunch of ignominious names.

  7. Joe bloggs October 6, 2012 at 3:40 pm Reply

    Nothing to say here joe… Ran out of breath eh?

    • unelection2012 October 7, 2012 at 8:57 am Reply again love the email address….. not out of breath but others are working that ward. did spport them by approving a couple of UN-Wanted bulletins. gotta love Google Chrome as it does spel chks for me so i du not look like an idiot in replying to your lovely emails.

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