The Minefield

Below is the back page of DAVID Glibbs poster that he is handing out.  It is resized and reformatted so it is readable.  It is a virtual minefield begging for people to set it off with their comments. The site is being monitored by DG and his bootlickers so he sees it all. It is your chance to comment on his delusional comments and maybe bring a bit of reality to his view of his persona.

Please only comment on one bullet point or subject per post so that we can keep track of comments in a stress-free way. For example, if you wanted to comment 1. on his returning emails and phone calls 2. and also on his willingness to meet with people 3. and his willing to listen to others views then that would be three posts.

There are some general comments that he makes that are also worthy of comment. If you believed very much of this we would only need one councillor as he is the man that gets everything done. Or you might want to comment on any experience you have had with him.  

So enjoy negotiating this preverbal minefield and try to not blow your foot off because everywhere you step there is a mine waiting for you to expose or to blow up with facts.

Also be sure to check the two options at the bottom of your comments so you are kept in the loop. I am sure that DAVID Glibb’s sycophants will be doing so and dutifully reporting back to him.

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I have already successfully achieved in Council:

  • Funding for footpaths doubled to $1.5 million per year, plus roundabouts and other traffic slowing initiatives.
  • Committed ten year funding for drainage upgrades, currently $4 million a year.
  • Committed ongoing funding for vegetation trimming for bush fire management.
  • Key strategic footpaths on Boundary Rd, Dromana, Nepean Highway Dromana to Country CIub Drive, Eastbourne Rd, along Jetty Rd to Drum Drum Alloc Creek, Rosebud Pde, Mt Arthur Rd Rosebud and Marine Drive Safety Beach.
  • Waste management – including the opening of the Shire’s first Recycling Sales Shed, to reuse goods that otherwise would fill up our tip.
  • Support and facilities for local youth including the Skate Park on the Rosebud foreshore – a marvelous place for our youth to use up excess energy, display their athletic prowess and generally a place to be.
  • A Planning Scheme that protects the rural and urban mix of the Peninsula.
  • The planning scheme amendment that restricts buildings in the McCrae business zone to two levels.
  • The 4okph residential street traffic speed trial.
  • Graffiti removed within 5 days and offensive graffiti removed in 24 hours.
  • Rosebud foreshore management taken over from Parks Victoria.
  • The library open until 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Brand new Rosebud Kindergarten and Rosebud Community House at “TheHub”
  • Financial support for the Rosebud Secondary College Performing Arts
  • Theater as a facility for the whole Southern Peninsula community.
  • Pedestrian Crossing at the Rosebud RSL

Much of my effort has been channeled through the: Peninsula Regional waste Management (Chairman), Delegate to the interface Councils Forum (where the Shires on the fringe of Melbourne (collectively lobby the State Government on our concerns, and numerous other communities and workshops. For the last twelve years I have helped to organised the l0km FunRun from Safety Beach to Rosebud (Awarded Community Event of the Year)and the 6km Run/Walk from Dromana on Australia Day. And I’m a longstanding member of the Dromana & District Historical Society.

Despite the progress made, however, much remains to be done:


Melbourne 2030, the State Governments planning and land use strategies under review. An important reason to continue on Council is my desire to continue the work I have done with “Interface Councils”, to implement and fine tune the Melbourne 2030 principles. This strategic work stops the Melbourne sprawl onto the Peninsula, protects our rural land and defines the extent of our Peninsula townships. However the proposed changes to the Planning Zones, recently announced by the Minister for Planning, are major threats to the best things about the Peninsula, particularly our unique urban/rural mix. I have been a strong advocate for the Council position to have a “Peninsula Planning Statement” embedded in the Victorian Planning Provisions to protect our Green Wedge and our townships from overdevelopment.

In addition I am committed to campaigning – at local, State and Federal levels for:

  • A shire wide strategy that will combine the necessity for both conservation and adequate fire protection. Mount Martha hill and the slopes of Arthurs Seat need particular ongoing attention. Controlled cool bums in winter are still an important tool to help reduce the bushfire hazard.
  • Continued upgrade of the Safety Beach, Dromana, and McCrae and Rosebud foreshores. Much work has been done with low level vegetation trimming near the Bay Tail but more needs to be done sensitively nearer the beaches that we all feel safe walking and cycling through. The Bay trail itself needs improvement and upgrade by the State Government on this Crown Land.
  • Support for agriculture, which provides and nurtures the “green lungs”, Magnificent landscapes and provides local food that doesn’t have to be imported. We all enjoy driving out the back of the townships and being in lovely green paddocks, not houses.
  • The Environment: As a founding member of Dunns Creek Land care, I am well aware that developments that are vital for employment also have to be sustainable and balanced with protection of the environment. Wastewater from Carrum Downs is a resource to be reused, not dumped out at Gunnamatta. With Council support and lobbying of Government, the Boneo Sewerage Treatment plant has been upgraded to Class A – valuable recycled water now used on the productive market gardens of Boneo, sports facilities and gravel roads.
  • The Tootgarook Wetland has to be sensitively managed for its natural values, especially as a habitat for interactional migratory birds
  •  Minimizing tip and green waste fees. The levy paid to the State Government EPA is a large part of the fee structure, and rising each year. The Shire owned landfill be fuIl within a few years, can’t be extended, and we will be paying even more after that to a private facility. It’s in all our interests to minimize our waste to landfill” both kerbside and drop off, and recycle more. However, I will be regularly reviewing the fees to keep them affordable, including free drop off of TVs and computers.
  • Public Transport: Increased frequency, and to later in the night, particularly the 788 bus, and an increase in the number of taxi licenses allocated to the Peninsula.
  • A Flyover at the Jetty Rd/Freeway roundabout to ease traffic congestion, accidents and making it safer for pedestrians.
  • Improved road and general maintenance now that the drought has broken and bitumen failures are cropping up everywhere.
  • Further promotion of the need for youth counseling and activities, through the Y lounge drop in center, MPYE, local schools and sporting bodies.
  • More help for volunteer groups that are vital for the health and wellbeing of our community


  • Sports pavilions at Dromana and Rosebud Olympic Park are scheduled for upgrades as part of the shire-wide strategy to give our youth much better facilities.
  • Refurbishment of the Old Shire Office, Dromana, for TheCommunity is on the agenda.
  • I’m committed to progressing the planning for the siting and funding of the Southern Peninsula Aquatic Centre, including a Hydrotherapy pool, gymnasium, aerobics, massage, steam room and cafe. As well as an important Health and Wellbeing Centre for all age groups it will be an important economic boost in investment and jobs on the Southern Peninsula. The cafe with views over the South Channel and the Heads will be “the place to be”. The Riches purchase allows Council to compare sites.
  • The Mountain Bikes an important outlet for sport, fun and exercise for our youth. The Dromana Pier is an icon and Council must push Parks Victoria to urgently address its maintenance and permanent retention.
  • Riding on the Arthurs Seat Chairlift was a real thrill for me as a child. It needs rebuilding as soon as possible, as a major boost to all Peninsula tourism.
  • Locate more dog free and leash free reserves, given the success of Vern Wright Reserve.


  • I will push for the construction of more high priority exposed aggregate footpaths – including Victoria St Safety Beach, Coburn Av and Point Nepean Rd McCrae, Keogh St, South Rd, Besgrove St and Jetty Rd Rosebud, and Darvall St Tootgarook to connect the Primary School, Preschool & Child-minding center.
  • We will explore more opportunities for shared push bike/walking trails off-road as well.


It is part of the councillors ‘task to ensure that rates are maintained at a low-level, there is responsible financial management and to review the efficiencies and effectiveness of council activities. Of course it’s a fine balance between services and costs. We all want no waiting on the phone, an immediate repair to the pothole and a new floor in the community hall, but that comes at a cost to we ratepayers that has to be balanced against what is affordable.


  • The townships must be attractive places to sewage the community, as well as boost tourism and provide jobs. Let’s promote outdoor dining and the beachside ambience of our townships.
  • I’ll continue to work with the Chambers of Commerce to create a “must stop” feeling when visitors approach Dromana, McCrae, Rosebud and Rosebud West. Let’s push for more Street Art and generally enhance the commercial hearts. More attractive traditional garden beds in the town centers are on the agenda.
  • The Old Cape Schanck Rd shops and streetscape, currently having a ‘facelift’, are important as Rosebud South develops further. A “Woodland Park” is planned for opposite the shops.
  • Pier St Dromana needs street trees and a general lifting appearance. Applicants need to be encouraged to reopen a convenience store in Safety Beach.

Throughout my years as a Mayor and Councillor, I have met many people and listened carefully to their views. I have also kept my promise to be


I have always been available to speak to or meet community members. I return phone calls and have followed through all requests or concerns of individuals and organizations. Overall, commonsense and fairness have paid dividends, and I will once more stand on that platform.


11 thoughts on “The Minefield

  1. MornpenCouncilWatch October 17, 2012 at 8:33 am Reply

    I find it incredulous that this guy who claims to have been the instrument of triumph for almost every positive thing that has been accomplished on The Peninsula yet, he does not serve as a councillor reprehensive supporting any of the groups responsible for those issues. But, in my opinion as depicted below, he has failed miserably in the two committees he does serve on. Maybe he was too busy doing all the other stuff and did not have time to address his basic responsibilities??

    Based on MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL COUNCIL MEETING HELD MONDAY, 5 DECEMBER, 2011 Appointment of Council Representatives: While other councillors sit as representative of TheShire, this guy serves only on two associations/committees
    1. The Interface Councils which has basically failed in the stated mission that: “municipalities, like Mornington Peninsula Shire, were properly recognized and not disadvantaged on issues by being placed in a standard metropolitan category”. Judge for yourself!
    2. and the Mornington Peninsula Regional Waste Management Group: and we can see the results of his hard work on this committee… fewer tip tickets, no hard waste pick up, back breaking tip prices, garbage all over the place, overflowing garbage bins in public places , especially during the tourist season.

  2. MornpenCouncilWatch October 15, 2012 at 12:32 pm Reply

    Repost from advice sent to MornPenCouncilWatch:

    Joe, Feel free to use the word “retrobate”. Suits Glibb and Goodriddance to a tee. So don’t wait too long into the future to use it. It’s a much more sophisticated word than “fuckwit” but with similar sentiments: A person who is not only lacking in clue but is apparently unable or unwilling to acquire clue even when handed it on a plate in generous portions.”also in the MacQuarie dictionary. Apparently, invented by David Williamson (playwright) and listed in the MacQuarie Dictionary, so it is a “proper” word.

  3. MornpenCouncilWatch October 15, 2012 at 8:59 am Reply

    Posted with permission:


    It is now five long and tedious years since the McCrae community first indicated it was not happy with three storey buildings in the McCrae Village. However we are delighted that the Minister for Planning finally approved the Amendment to the Shire’s Planning Scheme on 2 August 2012, which requires new buildings:

    We were disappointed by the Shire’s press release which inferred Cr Gibb should take some credit for the Amendment. Initially, Cr Gibb stated three storeys in McCrae would be appropriate. However, with the strong support of the community the McCrae Action Group managed to convince the Council that two storeys was appropriate and on three occasions joined with the council at VCAT to successfully defeat developers’ proposals.
    On one occasion Cr Gibb phoned before a council meeting trying to do a deal when a developer wanted a “hotel licence” which would allow the serving of alcohol after normal closing time and the sale of take away liquor after other outlets on the Southern Peninsula had closed. Cr Gibb indicated we would lose if the developer took us to VCAT. We informed Cr Gibb that the McCrae Action Group would take its chances. VCAT rejected the hotel licence. When recently confronted Cr Gibb did not deny that he was the author of an email to other Councillors, obtained under Freedom of Information, which stated that “ratepayers should be micro-chipped and locked in the pound”. On another occasion he told a Rosebud resident that if they did not like a three-storey proposal at the back of their property they could sell up and move out.

    APPLICATION FOR FOUR STOREYS – McCRAE PLAZA (MornPenCouncilWatch comment: allegedly Gibb is politicing for this four story development behind closed doors)
    A developer has prepared a four-story proposal for 2-4 Wattle Place, currently the panel beating workshop, at the rear of the McCrae Plaza. The Shire arranged for a “pre-application” meeting at which nearby residents were invited to participate. This is the first time we have come across such a meeting prior to a developer actually applying for a permit. We are strongly opposed to anything other than two storeys in McCrae. Mr Gary Howard represented the McCrae Action Group and told the meeting that the Council policy for the McCrae Plaza business zone is for a height limit of 8 metres or two storeys and that there was no need for a meeting on the matter as the developer should simply have been informed of the Shire policy.

    There are 14 candidates for the Seawinds Ward. We strongly believe that the Council requires some new Councillors and in particular candidates who will preserve the character of McCrae, and who we feel will listen to our concerns and support us. Accordingly we would be happy with Cr Graham Pittock, and most other candidates except Paul Tuff, Cr Antonella Celi and Cr David Gibb.
    You must number from 1 to 14 and we suggest that when you mark your card that you mark these
    candidates as follows:
    12 Paul Tuff
    13 Antonella Celi
    14 David Gibb

  4. Candidate for Briarsward October 14, 2012 at 2:19 pm Reply

    The fact that he is STILL insisting on the SPAC building being sited on the Rosebud foreshore despite numerous objections from many people, just goes to show how much he listens to his community. I believe that this illustrates an inflexible closed mind. It is my opinion that councillors should be limited to a maximum of 3 consecutive terms of office and a total of 5 terms in a lifetime. On this basis he is well past his “use-by” date.
    His “private” E-mail suggesting Ratepayers should be micro-chipped & sent to the pound really reveals his true attitude is to the rest of the community. It was outrageous. I believe him to be so blinded by his own hubris that he needs a guide dog. It is my opinion that he acts like a Feudal overlord – a new local law proclaiming “droit de seigneur” will most likely be promulgated if he is re-elected! As a farmer it is high time he returned to caring for his livestock, and milk his own cows, instead of milking the Ratepayers by imposing his grandiose schemes on the rest of us.

  5. Joan Spittle October 14, 2012 at 1:04 pm Reply

    David I would like to know why you spoke so forcefully against transparency. I have only been to one council meeting and I know you have served the peninsula for a long time but this seemed the ultimate betrayal of the local people, a desire ‘to keep them in the dark.’ You were the only one to vote against this motion and I cannot understand why, it was such an important, actually vital,piece of council legislation.

  6. Roger Lambert October 14, 2012 at 12:10 pm Reply

    One wonders not so much about all the things this man gets involved in, one wonders why he does it at all. Having been a councillor now for 12-15 years it would seem appropriate for someone with a fresh mind & fresh ideas. His one track mind to spend & spend & spend Ratepayers money, & to impose his millionaires ideas on the rest of the community needs to be curtailed. Sharply.

  7. Robert October 14, 2012 at 11:38 am Reply

    Please forgive me but I’m choking on my weeties (as the saying goes). On the verge of chundering… This guy is unbelievable!!!! There is so much there to criticise, where does one begin? But let’s start with his protection of farmland from urban development…Go look at his record on how he failed to protect the once seaside village of Mornington through his cowardice, and prevented the community from seeing how he voted by moving everything into camera. Oh, this guy just takes the cake!

    • unelection2012 October 14, 2012 at 12:04 pm Reply

      he does love a good lack of transparency… it is one of his strongest suits. only councillor (including celi) to vot against recording council minutes. with a change in some Councillors (my unelection campaign) we can change a lot of this stuff and stop them in their tracks..

      campaign heavily against anne shaw, by the way. vote for Lambert. his preferences are going the right way except put stanley down the list as he back-stabbed roger.

  8. joe lenzo October 14, 2012 at 11:26 am Reply

    If I had ½ pence for every email or phone call this guy has not returned I would be living on an island without a $$$$ worry in the world.

  9. FairyStories October 14, 2012 at 11:06 am Reply

    I have been part of a volunteer group that in total has worked for over 7 years on the peninsula. A member wrote to councillor Gibb requesting time to present and discuss our work. It was intended to be a positive education presentation with a discussion about safety concerns for the workers that arose last tourism season. They we told that the issue was not council’s problem as it was not on council land. This statement was corrected and explained and once again time was requested. Eventually the email was passed onto a department who called and said ‘but we don’t know what you want?! Council doesn’t have resources to get you ANYTHING!’ It was explained a number of times that we wanted to present our work to council but were denied. We have been told that for a number of reasons, or work and the volunteers apparently just doesn’t exist!! We were treated like idiots regardless of the many hours people were giving up to ensure enjoyment of all on the peninsula over the summer. Sorry but I disagree with the above statements by Mr Gibb. If anything I’m disappointed he takes credit for a lot of the work put in by others, many volunteers, with a ‘it’s all about me’ election statement.

  10. joe lenzo October 14, 2012 at 10:52 am Reply

    I have had meetings with this guy and when i pulled out my recorder he actually started shaking and would not say a word except when using his intimidation tactics. Being as i expected this and only brought the recorder to agitate him, i did shut it off after having a bit of fun with him for a couple of minutes.

    He did not come to the meeting with the information i requested as he did not want to really discuss that. Then when i tried to follow up to confirm our discussion all i got was avoidance and comments about things we did not even discuss…. and avoidance of confirming, one way or the other, what we did discuss.

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